Tile Sport, Bluetooth Tracker Pro Series

CAD $38.90

Product Overview


Find your gear anytime, anywhere with Tile Sport – the rugged and waterproof Bluetooth tracker that attaches to anything you don’t want to lose and helps you find it, wherever life takes you. 

Take finding your things to a whole new level with Tile’s Pro Series. These small but mighty Bluetooth trackers have increased Bluetooth range of up to 200ft, a waterproof design (IP68) and a ring that’s 2x louder than Tiles previous model.



Tile Bluetooth Tracker – Find your things fast 
Quickly Find Anything 
Stick Tile onto anything – your keys, wallet, backpack, purses, suitcases, cameras or even your remote control and find it using the Tile app (available for iOS or Android). Simply click “find” on the Tile app and Tile will ring if it’s nearby or you can check the map for its last known location. Even use the Tile Community to help you find your lost items by selecting “Notify When Found” and if anyone from the Tile Community passes by your missing item, you’ll automatically be notified of its most recent location. This feature works 100% anonymously and automatically protects your privacy. 

Tile Bluetooth Tracker – Hastle-free 1 year non replaceable battery 
Tile Replacement Program 
No charging. No replacing batteries. Tile offers a replacement program called reTile, where you can buy a new Tile at a discounted rate a year after you activated your first Tile. Simply place your reTile order and once you’ve received your new Tile in the mail, use the app to swap out your old Tiles for new ones. Then take your old Tiles to a local e-waste center since they are made of 99% recyclable materials. 

Tile Bluetooth Tracker – Tile helps find your phone 
Use Tile to Find Your Phone 
Phones are easy to misplace. Tile makes them easy to find. Just press your Tile twice to make your phone ring even when it's on silent. You can even log into the Tile website ( to find it on a map or make it ring. 




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