SOL REPUBLIC,Black Amps Air+ True Wireless ANC Earbuds

MSRP: CAD $279.95
Was: CAD $279.95
Now: CAD $199.95
(You save CAD $80.00 )

Product Overview



When solitude and sound are equally important, there’s no better option than the redesigned SOL Republic Amps Air+ with built in ANC and 5+ hours playtime. 


Feel a sense of escape while at the gym or on the go with the SOL Republic Amps Air+ earbuds. The IPX4 rating will keep Amps Air+ buds safe from sweat and the elements while battling through that last mile or long walk caught in the rain.



The world is a noisy place and SOL Republic’s Active Noise Cancelling technology elevate the Amps Air+ to another level of comfort, leaving the user free of distractions from the outside in.

Premium audio quality comes through with definitive clarity from the 9.2mm drivers pumping stereo sound. Bluetooth 5.0 and signal strength up to 10 meters, mean users can enjoy the best in sound quality from a respectable distance from their device. 

Users will enjoy 5 hours per charge from the 46 mAh built-in lithium ion with full ANC, getting an additional 4 charges from the 400mAh battery case.


    • Touch Sensitive Controls
    • Active Noise Cancelling (ANC)
    • 5 hours playtime
    • 20 hours playtime with the case
    • Multiple silicon tips for custom fit
    • 9.2mm Stereo audio drivers
    • Bluetooth 5.0
  • Comes in 3 Colours (Black, Champagne, Silver)


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