Book Case for Galaxy S8 Plus, Mercedes-Benz, Collection "Wave VII ", Genuine Leather, Black

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For Samsung:
Galaxy S8 Plus
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Genuine Leather
Case Type:
Book Case
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Product Overview


Finally, for true connoisseurs of Mercedes-Benz cars and owners of Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus cell phones, a collection of luxury accessories, Wave VII has appeared. This case, a part of this unique collection, is created from of the highest quality materials, which guarantees durability and strength of the cover designed in a practical and functional form of the book. The Phonecase is pleasant to the touch thanks to horizontal waves and genuine leather. This case will give you an excellent opportunity to keep the phone in its original shape for as long as possible, and do it with a touch of chic! 

Phone Case Type: Booktype

Suitable for: Samsung S8 Plus
Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Collection: Wave III
Colour: Black
Phonecase Features: Genuine Leather