Mercedes-Benz , Phone Case for Galaxy S8, Collection "Wave V", Carbon Fiber & Brushed Aluminium , Silver

MSRP: CAD $59.90
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Now: CAD $24.90
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For Samsung:
Galaxy S8
By Special Colour:
By Material:
Carbon Fiber
By Material:
Brushed Aluminium
Case Type:
Hard Case
Top Designers:
For Him

Product Overview

This case is an elegant and discreet cover for Samsung Galaxy S8 from Mercedes-Benz, which was created for men with a tough character. Durable, thin and stylish, that's what a real man needs to decorate his mobile phone. This case is one of the most durable models from this brand, as it combines two materials, carbon, and ground aluminum. In addition to strength, it also gives a unique style. This stylish silver case for Samsung Galaxy S8 from Mercedes-Benz will be an excellent gift for any man.

Phone Case Type: Hard-case

Suitable for: Samsung S8
Brand: Mercedes-Benz
Collection: Wave V
Colour: Silver
Phone Case Features: Carbon Fiber & Brushed Aluminium