Karl Lagerfeld, Choupette with Sunglasses, Case for iPhone Xs/X, Liquid Glitter, Black

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For Apple:
iPhone Xs/X
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Hard Case
Choupette with Sunglasses
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Karl Lagerfeld
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Product Overview

Choupette can be very different, and this time she chose to play the cool cat. This iPhone Xs/X case from Karl Lagerfeld belongs to the peek a boo collection, but with a little twist - she is wearing sunglasses. The twist adds an element of mystery to the beloved kitty, one that takes this into the realm of spy novels and mystery films. The glittery textured background is also black, but has a lot of depth, making this iPhone Xs/X case a very beautiful exhibit of Lagerfeld's design genius.

Case Type: Hard Case

Suitable for: iPhone Xs/X
Brand: Karl Lagerfeld
Collection: Choupette with Sunglasses
Colour: Black
Features: Transpatent