Karl Lagerfeld is one of the most well known and well loved designers of our time. His tireless creative genius keeps bringing us incredible designs based on his constant stream of ideas. Unlike many other designers that have a strict style, Karl doesn’t stick to one niche, producing designs that range from funky to exquisite, and everything in between, which is why his name became a synonym for modern style.

Foremost in his design work is his luxury clothing lines for which he became known in the dawn of his career. Then he proceeded to create fine fragrances and entire collections of astoundingly beautiful accessories for fashion lovers. LuxMart is proud to offer select items from Karl Lagerfeld’s collections, mainly focusing on his amazing lines of smartphone cases.

His iPhone and Samsung cases come in many different designs and styles, ranging from urban sleek back panel covers with modern illustrations to luxury leather purse style phone cases with a gilded chain and room for credit cards that can double as a stylish clutch purse. Celebrate life and beauty, get yourself one of Karl Lagerfeld’s amazing accessories!