Ferrari Official Products 

If you are on the market searching for a cool case cover for your new smartphone, LuxMart is the perfect place to find just what you’re looking for. Ferrari fans all over the world were ecstatic to find out that their favorite manufacturer of super sports cars also has a line of accessories, including smartphone cases adorned with the famous Ferrari emblem.

Ferrari smartphone cases from this collection combine the qualities of the famous car itself - exceptional durability and a bold stylish appearance. They come in a variety of colors, designs and finishes, as well as a choice of models compatible with most Apple and Samsung smartphones.

Yellow, black, red and white - and their combinations - being the primary choices of color, and brushed aluminum, carbon fiber and luxury leather the primary materials, those cases will reliably protect your phone while granting it the unforgettable look of the Ferrari sports car. Choose your style and collection and enjoy the constant presence of the Ferrari brand in your life with the famous 488 collection of Ferrari smartphone covers!