BMW, Book Case for Samsung S9 Logo Imprint , Genuine Leather - Black

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For Samsung:
Galaxy S9
By Colour:
By Material:
Genuine Leather
Case Type:
Book Case
Logo Imprint
For Him

Product Overview

Official licensed BMW product


This luxurious Samsung S9 case by BMW is perfect for an Samsung  user who appreciates the subtle class and confident style of a black on black leather design. The embossed BMW initials are supplemented by a stylish metallic emblem in the bottom right, making this Samsung S9 case into a thing of beauty. This luxury case will look equally great with any clothing style, from casual to business attire. A perfect combination of class and reliability, just like the famous BMW sports cars. 

Case Type: Book Case

Suitable for: Samsung S9
Brand: BMW
Collection: Logo Imprint
Colour: Black
Features: Genuine Leather